What to do during Lockdown?

What to do during Lockdown?

30 Things to do while in Lockdown

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    Stay in on a date

Create your date night in?...all the more reason for you to step out of your pj's after a months of Lockdown, dress up...yes you can, put some make up on, do your hair, cook up something nice with your significant other, drink some wine, have some cheese, be the cheese... Okay...Let's go 🥂🍷⁠

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    Have a Self care Sunday

In fact, make every Sunday a self care Sunday. ⁠
Take some time out for YOU. ⁠
⁠Take a nice shower or bath.⁠
Shampoo your hair.⁠
Apply your hair mask, cover with your shower cap, head wrap or microfiber towel. Let sit for 10 mins. ⁠
Give yourself a mini facial. ⁠
Do a full body scrub. ⁠
Apply your oil or cream with a bit more love, now that you have some time. ⁠
Put your feet up. ⁠
Read a book. ⁠
Catch the sunset. ⁠
Love yourself. ⁠

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    Make Me-time monday your thing

If you had some goals going into Lockdown and have yet to achieve them, remember that is perfectly fine too. Each on their own time. If you really desire to get them done today is a great day to start. If you choose the latter here are a few great things to do for yourself today. ⁠
⁠Get out of bed😂⁠
Exercise to get the blood flow going seeing that you can't walk too far😁⁠ unless you wake up nice and early for the 6am-9am leeway
Do a mini facial on yourself⁠
Do a full body scrub on dry skin in the shower while your face mask is on⁠
Wash your hair ⁠
Put your hair mask on⁠
Scrub a dub dub⁠
Do some meditation ⁠
Read a book ⁠
Chill ⁠
Love yourself today. ⁠


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    Give your hair a break during this time

Quarantine hair routine⁠
⁠Use this time to embrace your natural texture and let your hair be ⁠
Use zero heat and let your hair rest⁠
Wear your hair in non damaging styles to prevent breakage⁠
Braids and loose ponytails are great. Messy buns snaps weak hair⁠
Do not go to bed with your hair wet, as your hair is most fragile when wet⁠
Give yourself a nourishing treatment⁠ (We have Do-it-yourself hair spa kits available, get in touch to find out more)
Throw out expired products and clean your tools while you have downtime⁠

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    Apply your 8 hour Magic Night serum every night before bed

Imagine your amazing night time face serum...now imagine an amazing serum like that for your hair. We got YOU!⁠
⁠Check out our online store for all the magical details. It's coming soon. 

Overnight beauty sleep nourishing hair serum for dry hair.
Delivers 8 hours of overnight hair nourishment.
Creates soft hair.
Easily detangles hair.
TheZoeReport.com - one of "2019's Best New Luxury Hair Products"
2020 Elle international Beauty Awards Winner.
Pro Tip: Before going to sleep, massage into lengths and ends on dry hair. Leave-in overnight. No need to rinse in the morning.

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    Take a mindful hot bath or shower

After all the hand washing, sanitizing, taking care of your family and doing your warrior bit to save the world...it's your turn now! UnwinE😉, you've earned it!🍷....That is if you stil have any left 😁

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    Do some #Stayhome exrecises or from 1st of May go for a walk, run or cycle between 6am-9am...Lets see what the adjustments has in store for us. 

At the moment there are so many free resources available for you to work out at home. The power you give yourself with just exercise is something only you can determine once doing it. 🤩⁠
You don't have to make it complicated for yourself. ⁠
Use your own body weight, fill a backpack with books and make up and weigh it on your scale (like I did)😉, chair, step, coffee table, plant pot (not joking😁) or if you have equipment like resistance bands, skipping rope or weights that is great too. It feels especially great to start the day like this. ⁠

@jenna_carmen_fit has an amazing app that you can use from anywhere.⁠
@sweat has just launched a few at home exercises and has 1 month free at the moment. @kelseywells is a fav⁠
@sleekgeeksa is an amazing resource for challenges and the new 8 week challenge is starting soon. 

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    Do some Yoga, Stretching or foamrolling

Another great free resource is Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube.⁠
@carmen.petre.33 is also amazing at Yoga.
@wildthingmoves are doing virtual Yoga classes too⁠
⁠If you a yoga studio and would like to be featured on our list. Get intouch.

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    Deep clean or declutter your happy place

Decluttering my life like Marie Kondo🤣...The things it does....Ahmazing! It also allows you that quiet time with your thoughts and everything seems to make a little more sense afterwards. 

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    Learn a new language

@duolingo is a really cool app to get you started...we've even got more time now😉⁠

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    Drink some Vitamin C Rich Teas

We can't wait to serve you at your next Excentric Experience again! We have to wait a little longer than expected but we can do this!...Drink some nice immune boosting tea until then, stay home and stay safe.

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    Sleep on a luxurios satin pillow case

Benefits to YOU: ⁠
⁠😴Maintains your natural moisture balance in your hair & skin.⁠
😴Doesn't absorb your amazing hair and skin serums⁠
😴Prevents hair loss, split ends & damage.⁠
😴Helps your blowouts last longer.⁠
😴Prevents dry, frizzy & dull hair.⁠
😴Keeps your hair shiny.⁠
😴Gentler on your eyelashes(yip lash extensions), your hair extensions & braids.⁠
😴Minimizes facial wrinkles & puffiness.⁠
😴Soothing on the skin after facial treatments or procedures.⁠
😴Recommended by doctors for chemo patients.⁠
😴Great for preventing knotty “bed head” for babies & kids.⁠

DOWNFALL⚠️WARNING⚠️: Once you have tried it, you will never want to sleep on anything else!⁠

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    Do nothing at all

It's perfectly fine to do nothing at all too.⁠ You do you!!!

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    Appreciate every moment with your loved ones

Now that we you have even longer together at home...make the most of the little moments together. When this is all over you can have plenty more me-days with us😉⁠

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    Do some reading

Why You Should Read Every Day. ⁠
• Mental Stimulation. ⁠
• Stress Reduction. ⁠
• Knowledge. ⁠
• Vocabulary Expansion. ⁠
• Memory Improvement. ⁠
• Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills. ⁠
• Improved Focus and Concentration. ⁠
• Better Writing Skills.

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    Body brush to get your circulation going

Benefits of Dry Brushing
It's Exfoliating.
It Increases Circulation.
It's Invigorating and Energizing.
Stimulate the Lymphatic System.
Eliminate Toxins or Detoxify the Body.
Aid Digestion.
Improve Cellulite or Balance Fat Deposits.
The greatest gift you can give yourself is a little bit of your own attention.⁠

– Anthony J. D’Angelo

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    Do a full body scrub for super soft skin

Do a full body scrub at least once a week. You won't believe how unbelievably soft your skin will feel and how much you will love your body. My absolute fav treat.

A healthy body is a guest-chamber for the soul⁠
– Francis Bacon⁠

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    Find 1 thing you are grateful for daily

If you only had to choose to do 1 single thing for yourself daily, it would be just this.

7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude
Gratitude opens the door to more relationships. 
Gratitude improves physical health.
Gratitude improves psychological health. 
Gratitude enhances empathy and reduces aggression. 
Grateful people sleep better. 
Gratitude improves self-esteem. 
Gratitude increases mental strength.
the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. 

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    Do a random act of kindness

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    Do a hair mask

Tips to properly condition your hair:⁠
Always drain out excess water from your hair after shampoo, this will prevent the conditioner or mask from diluting⁠
Keep the conditioner on for at least 3 minutes and your mask for at least 10 minutes⁠
Always apply mid-lengths to ends⁠, this prevents oily scalp and build up and your scalp has its natural oils.⁠
Distribute with a wide-tooth comb to detangle⁠
Rinse with colder water, this helps to close your cuticles⁠

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    Do your skin love routine

Steps to follow: 
Cleanse again
Wipe with a clean warm make up remover magic cloth
Face mask 
Lip scrub and mask
Wipe with a clean warm make up remover magic cloth
Eye cream 
Spf30 (for daytime)

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    Take your multivitmamins and probiotics to stay healthy

Reminder! Keep your immune system strong...we're heading into winter within a current era of a pandemic

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Don't forget to meditate to take some time just for YOU! To find peace, calm, destress and get a good nights rest!⁠

@headspace is a great app to get you started, they have 14 days free trial and even have daily group sessions which you may find helpful as a virtual space to reach out in this time. ⁠
Positivity Magazine on Youtube is another amazing free resource⁠. ⁠
⁠If you've always wanted to start...You can start now and give yourself 10 minutes of sleep meditation...you will have 1 of the best sleeps of your life!⁠

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    Learn a new skill or add to your skill set

So many free and paid valuable resources available. Upskill within your field and add to your self-development. 

Alison, Coursera, Knowledge.ly, Learn to sing, Youtube, Udemy, follow your industry leaders who is openly sharing. 

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    Do something nice for someone else

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    Do a mini #stayhome hair spa day

Fav days...Jump into the shower or bath, Do your mini facial, full body scrub-see above, soak your feet, do your mini mani and pedi. 

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    Live in love and gratitude for this moment and always hereafter

The most important thing of all. 


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