About us

At Excentric, we don’t just see hair. We see you. That’s the way it was when we first opened our Sea Point salon under Director Stylist Florin Neacsu (we like to call him Flo) back in 2014, and that’s still the way it is today.

Your interests, your concerns, your aspirations – these are our passions. And we make it our business to use this information to bring about a transformation that is perfectly, wonderfully you. After all, each of us is unique – that’s why we treat you that way.

It’s not about going for the trendiest style out there right now. It’s about what looks best on you. – Flo

While there’s definitely an art to what we do, we prefer to think of ourselves as scientists. Not the mad kind, of course. The precise, measured, systematic kind. The kind that finds beauty in geometry and chemistry. We consider it our job to carefully weigh up factors like your skin tone, eye colour, lifestyle, personality, bone structure, and the lines of your face to devise a solution that’s a flawless match for your best features.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy pushing the boundaries. Here at Excentric, we live by the mantra, ‘Dare to be different’. We’re big on innovation and imagination, and we value the originality that our team’s extensive international experience brings.

Matters like precision cutting, advanced hair colour techniques and results-driven treatments get our heart rates up, and we feel most energised when exploring the latest practices, including balayage, contouring, geode, rainbow and unicorn hair.

That’s because we consider it our responsibility to always stay a few steps ahead. It’s why we strive to never ever stop learning. Our Excentricdreamteam, for example, enjoys mandatory weekly in-salon training in Sassoon cutting, Wella Master Colour and Redken techniques, and we regularly attend courses both in Cape Town and overseas to keep us abreast. Our assistant team are all "stylists in the making" who have all qualified at college level but we require of them to complete our 1 year complete in-salon training course before they are able to become stylists in our salon. Unlike any other salon we make sure that they are continuously being nurtured, learning and growing into the stylists along with a supporting mentor who are able to provide the high quality service that you expect. We work together as a team, side by side to mastermind your most suited look by combining the best of each ones skillset. We like sharing our knowledge too. Not only is Flo a member of the Wella Education team that travels South Africa to nurture other stylists, Leandi a Redken Artist in the making but we also host international academies to expose local hairdressers to what’s happening beyond our borders.

Our biggest goal is to make every client not just look, but feel, the best they can. Not just today, but every day. – Flo

But more important to us than anything is how you feel when you visit us. While our outlook is worldly, our essence is ‘home’. We trade in warm smiles and hot coffee. There’s none of that highfaluting silliness – just ask our regular clients. We want you to chat to us comfortably, express yourself openly, relax easily, and feel freely, entirely ‘you’. Because, like we said, it’s not just about your hair.



Flo is such a professional and overall hair genius. I came to him with a difficult case and I couldn't believed what he did with it! He puts so much love and care into his work and is a true artist. Thanks Flo for the hours you spent making my hair look phenomenal. I feel like I have the hair of an Instagram star!

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