We got some sad news and some good news plus a little treat inside for you!

We got some sad news and some good news plus a little treat inside for you!

We will start with the sad but also happy news.
Sad news. Rosadah is no longer with us at Excentric.
Happy news. She received an opportunity to work overseas and she decided to go for it. We are really happy and supportive of her decision as our higher purpose is and always has been to be able to influence and grow our team to become the best versions of themselves and to ensure they are on their very own journey of growth for their lives pursuing their own higher purpose. Sometimes it will be with us and sometimes it won't and either way we will support them.
The good news is that we have a solution for your upcoming appointment.
We have been working very hard to ensure our entire Excentricdreamteam at both Excentric on kloof and Excentric on Point is fully trained to perform all Curlygirl or Natural hair services as it has become a growing request at Excentric. We have also taken your feedback to increase the number of natural hairstylists to prevent the long waiting appointment times. Our team does training every single Thursday in our internal training program  which is led by Flo, Our director stylist and co-owner which we have done for the past 7 years to ensure we are all able to provide the exact same level of high quality service and will be launching to the public next year. We have also spent lots of time working on specifically Curlygirl workshop training with Rosadah before she departed. We feel 100% confident that you will be happy with any other member of our team but as an extra bonus we wanted to offer you a small gift from us for your next booked appointment of a complimentary Wellaplex in salon treatment valued at R 466. See the amazing transformation in our experiment we did in the video above.

Simply whatsapp "Yes" to https://wa.me/27762742626 or Email us and we will add it onto your existing appointment and move you with one of our other stylists. Valid only for your upcoming booked appointments. *Wellaplex in salon treatment valued at R466 contains 2 doses of Wellaplex. If additional doses are required for long or thick hair an additional charge of R166 will apply. 

Have a look at the amazing results achieved on this Curlygirl with our Wellaplex Experiment in the video below and what exactly the Wellaplex in salon treatment is all about. 

Meet our team here: https://www.excentric-hair.co. za/about-us

We look forward to welcoming you, Excentricdreamteam

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