NONTOURING SHIFT by Flo for Wella Professionals

NONTOURING SHIFT by Flo for Wella Professionals

  • By Excentric Hair
  • May 16, 2018
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Flo was recently invited to share his interpretation on the newest Wella Trend of 2018, NONTOURING SHIFT

So there he was on the stage in front of Cape Town's finest hairstylists presenting the trend.

For those of you who might have missed all the hype last year...he was the Wella Trend Vision Color Vision Winner flying the South African flag very high (so high we think he forgot he was actually Romanian there for a minute) when he got to represent South Africa among 58 other countries in London last year 2017. It seemed fitting for him to be there after his amazing experience to go out there and inspire other amazingly talented stylists to try something new and also prepare them to enter this year's World renowned Wella Trendvision Competition. Such a big part of him of course a big believer in sharing the knowledge along with Wella's educator, Elizma.

What is NONTOURING you ask?

Well according to Wella Professionals, with nontouring (non-contouring)...hhmm yip thought we have heard some form of this word before...statement styles are softened. Harmonizing the lines of the hairstyle, color mellows even the most daring cut into a wearable, flattering look-without compromising on its edginess. Similar to the nontouring technique in makeup, add a natural glow and infuse your hair with warmth while blending sharp contrasts in shapes and texture to go further in shifting the principles of beauty. For a flattering, mindful and positive self-image.

Flo says

To see the big picture, this year we create bold, daring haircuts with colors that soften those sharp lines. We put a lot of accent on texture like curls, waves and we bring out the crimping tools and perming kits. We do what appears as a monochrome color with multiple tones. Picture a person from far with red hair, it seems as if its red hair but closely we have 3-4 shades of red : pink, intense red, mahogany and copper."

Our team while not busy serving you, they are behind-the-scenes preparing their entries for this amazing competition this year. Get ready to embrace your most beautiful YOU and as always Dare to be different!

We are pretty new to our blog so please share, let us know what you think and if you ready to try out something new too. Lastly please let us know what you would like us to write about next for you. 

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