Natural hair journey | CurlCentric

Natural hair journey | CurlCentric

  • By Excentric Hair
  • Mar 28, 2019
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How does she do it, how can she carry it with so much confidence? I’ve always admired her beauty but I was never confident enough to do it myself. Until one day and yes don’t you just remember that day when you just realized that you look beautiful wearing that Natural Crown Honey.

Years back I had no idea how my own natural hair looked, the moment I’d see the regrowth appear I would do just about anything from flat ironing to chemical straighteners just so it could look ‘healthier, stronger and shinier”. The only thing I believed was that my hair looked much better straight so that’s all I ever did. Over time I realized I’ve done so much damage and the more damage I’ve done the more heat/chemicals I’d use which created more damage.

When the day came, when I finally decided to cut my hair, of course after a lot of inspiration from other Curl Queens I gained more confidence to do the big chop and I never looked back ever since. My hair is in the best condition it’s ever been.

Because my transition had a big influence from confidence i’ve gained from other Curl Queens I have a big heart and passion to encourage the growth and empowerment of women to slay and keep slaying that natural beauty. I developed such a love for helping every person become their best self. 

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