WE ARE OPEN | Business (UN)usual

WE ARE OPEN | Business (UN)usual

LOCKDOWN services available to YOU

#BLONDEGOALS Maintenance Kit

Is your blonde looking kinda brassy? 
Those yellow tones making its appearance?
Dark roots coming through? 
Or worst you attempted your own little home bleach application and it came out a disastrous orange???

Yes! Yes! Yes! and 🤦‍♀️Yeeesssss!!!!
How did you know?🤔

No worries we're thinking of you! And we know you've been thinking of us too. 
We hate that we can't take care of your regrowth for your regular Balayage, Bleach or Highlights touch ups. 
So we put something together especially for YOU!

BLONDEGOALS Maintenance Kit

Your kit includes:
💎A Personalized Toner best suited to YOU from our records which will be applied using a Root smudge technique
💎Disposable Cape
💎Color bowl
💎Application brush
💎color wipe
💎A personalized step by step guide
💎A "How to Root Smudge" video
💎Once off Olaplex Professional 2 step in salon Treatment to rebuild and strengthen your bonds from the  inside
💎Fluffy white towel to cover your hair while your Olaplex treatment is processing
💎Repairing Protein Shampoo to strengthen your strands
💎Weekly Toning Purple Mask to refresh your blonde, keep the yellow and brassiness at bay
💎An At home Olaplex #3 that gives you 10 weekly treatments thereafter
💎Deliver it disinfected, gloved, masked and keeping a safe social distance or collect at the salon Tuesday or Thursday 10-1 pm by appointment
💎Will last you 3 months

All your blonde problems sorted for 3 months? Yes please! 
R 1820 (Value R 2863, Save R 1043/35%off) 
15 kits available
R710 Monthly Top up Mini Maintenance Kit(Once off Toner and Olaplex only) 

Order your #Blondegoals maintenance kit or Monthly Top up Mini Maintenance Kit: 

Pay R 1820 or R 710 to Excentric on Kloof by clicking this link

Pay R 1820 or R710 to Excentric on Point by clicking this link

Once payment is received we will send you all your details and deliver on Tuesday 26th May/Wednesday 27th May or you can collect Tuesday/Thursday 10-1pm by appointment.
*Swopouts of Shampoo/Mask of same value allowed

Blondegoals Kits.png

Hair Extension Removal Kits

✔️Remover Spray
✔️How to remove your extensions video


Hair Extension Removal Kit.png

Hairloss Help Kits....coming soon

Frizzfree Sweet First Shampoo Kits

Is your frizz just getting too unmanageable with the change of weather? You usually have your Evolution Keratin Treatment with us but unable to while we are in Lockdown?
Of course we have made a plan for YOU!

We put together the Frizz free DIY Sweet Kit for YOU!
✔️Chemical free brazilian blowout
✔️No formaldehyde
✔️No harmful side effects
✔️No damage to your hair
✔️No effect on Colour
✔️Pregnancy safe
✔️Breastfeeding safe
✔️Safe to use on kids
✔️Intense Smoothing
✔️Softer, smoother and more manageable hair
✔️Lasts up to 3 months

Our Frizzfree Sweet kit contains:
✔️Sweet first shampoo solution for your length of hair
✔️Moisturizing sulfate free shampoo 60ml
✔️Moisturizing conditioner 60ml
✔️Blowout treatment spray 120ml
✔️Leave in conditioning spray 120ml
✔️Delivery to your door
✔️Step by step guide
✔️Step by step video guide
✔️Only available during Lockdown
Short: R 750, Medium: R 830, Long: R 950

Pay R 750/R 830/ R 950 to Excentric on Kloof


Pay R 750/R 830/R 950 to Excentric on Point

Please use your name, surname, email address and contact number as reference. Once we receive proof of payment we will send out your Step by step guide, video and confirm you delivery address. 

Sweet Kits.png


Are your roots starting to show?
Color fading in need of a tone?
Pesky greys not blending no more?
I'm all good but a treatment is needed for sure

Well my dear ...Say no more! 😂
We got you covered!😉

Although we can't be with you in person we can make sure you are looking and feeling your best even while apart. If ever there was a time you needed it, it is now without a doubt!

✔️We can prepare your color and recommended treatments from our records
✔️We can only offer single color processes(roots, full color, toner) and treatments. No Lightening or cutting services-Too high risk for now
✔️You will get a 2 part formula to ensure it only starts activating when it gets to you, ready in your color bowl
✔️We will supply you with 1 of our capes
✔️A microfiber black towels to protect your clothes
✔️An application brush
✔️A set of gloves
✔️A color remover wipe
✔️Your customized treatment to make sure your color is locked in(who knows how long until we get to see you again)
✔️A personalized step by step video on how to apply by 1 of our director stylists.
✔️Personally deliver it disinfected, gloved, masked and keeping a safe social distance

Click me to contact us on your preferred method and secure your kit

Do-it-yourself Hair Color and Treatment Kit.jpeg


You can now purchase all your hair home care during Lockdown! We put this together in case you run out and we've had so many orders come through already which means we anticipated YOUR needs properly!🙌

👏We will look into your previous purchase history and bring you what you need so we don't cause any extra pressure for you during this time. You dealing with enough as it is!
👏Or receive a new personalized recommendation for YOU via email, call, whatsapp/fb call, zoom whatever suits you best
👏You conveniently pay online with your Card, Eft, Snapscan or Zapper...No direct contact needed.
👏Free gift
👏Free delivery, products and bag disinfected, gloved, masked, and keeping a safe social distance...Of course.

Simply click this link to get in touch through your preferred contact method
(We will help you, get your delivery address, send payment link and voila we deliver to you. Easy enough?)


Post-Lockdown Glow up Vouchers

"POST-LOCKDOWN Glow up" vouchers with 25% extra bonus FREE...we're now calling them "Commitment to NOT cut your hair vouchers"😂 it's getting crazy out here.

Works well as gifts for your friends having birthdays who you can't celebrate with too.

In case you missed it:


  • Buy R300 Voucher get R75 FREE
  • Buy R500 Voucher get R125 FREE
  • Buy R1000 Voucher get R250 FREE
  • Buy R2000 Voucher get R500 FREE

Get your voucher here

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