Is your hair looking a bit yellow/brassy or is your annoying grey roots showing and you feeling in need of just a little maintenance?

Is your hair looking a bit yellow/brassy or is your annoying grey roots showing and you feeling in need of just a little maintenance?

  • By Excentric Hair
  • May 17, 2022
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Mine too, it's not just you.  Let's take care of all of this for you today.

For a limited time we've brought back a new and improved version of one of our best selling services, MAINTAIN-MY-MANE, just in time to solve this for you!


  1.  Grey covering Hair color roots OR Yellow eliminating Toner to refresh your color
  2.  Detailed Camera Diagnosis to assess your hair and scalp with the change of weather and determine the best personalized treatment
  3.  Cosy cappuccino
  4.  Color saving shampoo
  5.  Luxurious, nourishing, personalized to you heated treatment to lock your color in
  6.  Relaxing head & scalp massage on our elevated massage chairs
  7.  Pampering Blow dry
  8.  10% off your home care purchased on the day
  9.  Lovely +-2 hours treat

 All for just R 900

And wallk out with refreshed color feeling like you have taken a moment out just for YOU! Usually R1816, save R 916/50%. Max 30 grams of color, additional charges apply when more color is needed, Upgrade by adding your full head of Highlights/Balayage/Full head Bleach/Airtouch to this at full price. Expires 31st August 2022

Simply email us "MAINTAIN MY MANE" and we will reply with the earliest available appointment, have you and your color refreshed and save you R916 at your next appointment!

 Valid Monday-Thursday, Expires 31st August 2022 | 2 hours | Usually R1816, save R 916/50%

 <br /> <br />Here is some information about the Detailed Camera Diagnosis

So what can this do for YOU?⁠

It is an 8 Step process that assesses⁠
1. Hair loss status⁠
2. Scalp status-This will show you how many hair strands are growing out of the follicle⁠
3. Keratin of scalp⁠
4. Exposure of scalp vessels-Blood circulation evaluation-This will determine how balanced the scalp is. ⁠
5. Hair Thickness-⁠This analysis will evaluate how fine or thick the hair is. ⁠
6. Hair pore status-Here we check how clean, clogged, sore/sensitive, dry or oily the pore is.⁠
7. Cuticle status⁠
8. Final results-determine exactly what home care and in salon treatment you will need for your personalized treatment as part of the MAINTAIN-MY-MANE. ⁠
20-30 minute in depth consultation
We are the ONLY SALONS IN CAPE TOWN that can do a detailed camera diagnosis for YOU!⁠ Now available in both our branches for your convenience!
Included in ou MAINTAIN-MY-MANE Experience or Investment is R 300 

<br />Benefits of our personalized treatment (more options available)

Dual action treatment consisting of an infusion as well as a mask working on 2 of your biggest hair concerns.

  • Anti-Fading Shot, actively prevents your color from fading or shifting
  • Hair Fibre Protection 
  • Adds smoothness and shine
  • Fortifies colour protection
  • Colour-safe
  • UV filter to protect from UV rays

Keep warm and cosy, 

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