Is your hair feeling super dry?

Is your hair feeling super dry?

Is your hair feeling super dry? Our NEW "I need Nourishing Moisture for dry hair" Experience is exactly what we have prepared to combat that for you!
So you are struggling with:
😩Dullness/Lack of shine
😩Frizzy flyaways
😩Lack of Moisture

And would rather want benefits like:
😄Long-lasting Moisture
😄Deeply Hydrated
😄Super Soft, Smooth, Shiny
😄Healthy hair

Let's help solve your dry hair problems through our intensively moisturizing and noursihing offer!

But first...

What is dry hair?

Dry hair develops when your hair doesn’t get or retain enough moisture. This reduces its sheen, making it appear frizzy and dull. Dry hair can affect men and women of any age, but you’re more likely to develop it as you get older.
Your hair consists of three layers. If your hair is healthy, natural oils in the outer layer help protect the inner layers. They also reflect light, making your hair appear shiny. Sheen and luster are two important signs of healthy hair.
When your hair is dry, the outer layer breaks down, causing it to appear dull and unhealthy. Dry hair is a sign of hair damage. If left untreated, your hair can become brittle, causing it to break or fray easily.
Most cases of dry hair can be effectively treated with simple lifestyle changes.

Causes of dry hair

A variety of factors can lead to dry hair, including environmental conditions, hair care habits, and your physical health.

  • Some of the environmental conditions that can cause dry hair include:
  • living in a dry, hot climate
  • spending a lot of time in the sun or wind
  • frequently swimming in chlorinated or salty water

Hair care practices that often contribute to dry hair include:

  • washing your hair too often
  • using harsh shampoos, conditioners, or styling products
  • dying or chemically treating your hair
  • regularly blow-drying your hair
  • using electric curling irons, straighteners, or curlers

In some cases, dry hair is the result of an underlying health problem that affects your hair’s ability to retain moisture. Such as Anorexia nervosa, Hypoparathyroidism, Hypothyroidism, Menkes syndrome. If you have severely dry hair and it doesn’t get better with changes to your hair care routine, make an appointment with your doctor.

Treating dry hair

In many cases, you can treat dry hair through simple lifestyle changes. Here are a few you can try:

  • Avoid shampooing your hair every day.
  • Condition or Mask your hair every time you wash it.
  • Use a shampoo and conditioner that are meant for your hair type.
  • Use co-washes and sulfate free products
  • Use moisturizing styling products.
  • Avoid chemical hair treatments on your hair too often, Stretch out your appointments if you really want to have blonde hair or a perm.
  • Blow-dry your hair less frequently. Rough dry or air dry when possible to reduce the heat on your hair
  • Avoid flat irons, curling irons, and electric rollers as much as you can
  • Daily shampooing can rob your hair of its protective oils and lead to dryness. Try washing your hair once or twice a week instead. You can also apply hair oils or leave-in conditioners to add luster and softness.
  • Protecting your hair from heat and sun exposure is also important. If you live in a dry climate, wear a hat when you go outdoors and avoid long-term exposure to dry or windy air. You should protect your hair from chlorine and salt water by wearing a bathing cap when swimming in a pool or the ocean.
  • If an underlying medical problem is causing your dry hair, your doctor may recommend medications or other treatments to address it. Your hair may improve once you treat the underlying condition. Work with your doctor to find the best course of treatment for you.

Start the process to more moisturised hair with our offer.

"I need Nourishing Moisture for my dry hair"
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