Go All Out This Festive Season with the Help of Excentric Hair

Go All Out This Festive Season with the Help of Excentric Hair

  • By Excentric Hair
  • Nov 20, 2022
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With the festive holidays coming up, we are all in the mood to spice up our look for Christmas, New Year, family events or just festive parties in general. But why not go further out of the box and try experimenting with an exciting new shade to amp up your entire look? I am not talking about red box dye that you will end up doing at home on a whim but instead reaching out to a professional where you can receive high-quality hair dye to alter your aesthetic. Get your hair enhanced and altered to a whole new level when heading to the professionals like us, Excentric Hair.

Whether you are wanting a balayage treatment, highlights, bleaching, full colour, contouring, glossing or more – Excentric Hair is the go-to hair salon for it all. You won’t be disappointed, you will be rocking a glamorous new look where you will be turning heads in every room you enter. You deserve to feel confident with new hair, especially if your hair has been looking limp lately or seems to be missing some volume – getting treatment and glossing done is the perfect solution. Dying your hair a fun, new, vibrant colour will not only emphasise texture but will also add that extra volume you have been in need of. With the use of high-quality dyes, you will be able to achieve that extra volume with the thickening agents that are found in certain hair dyes. This will ensure you walk out of the salon with a fully glammed-up look that comes with a change in colour as well.

People, especially women – don’t fully realise how much their hair colour can change their features or even just how much their hair can complement one’s skin tone. Unfortunately, not everyone’s natural hair compliments their skin tone well, you can end up looking dull and washed out. This is a great way to consider colouring your hair, especially if it’s purely virgin hair. By going to a professional hair salon such as Excentric Hair, we will be able to advise you best on which colour will highlight your skin tone and features best. Besides, why bother with damaging your hair at home with box dye which will anyway start fading within two washes when you can head over to Excentric Hair with our glamourous colour specials?

Better yet, when you are done dying your hair through Excentric Hair’s professional and experienced hairdressers, you can have an intensive hair treatment done, like their Olaplex or Keratin treatment to revive your hair as much as possible. With regular upkeep of treatments with products as high quality as Olaplex and Keratin, your hair will be back to optimal health in no time. Think of the long-term effects, heading over to a salon that knows what they are doing will no doubt be able to deliver you the results of a lifetime, ensuring you have no regrets about going bright and bold this festive season.

Excentric Hair cares more than what is currently trending, WE care about what makes YOU look the best!

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