Excentric on Kloof Client Launch

Excentric on Kloof Client Launch

  • By Excentric Hair
  • Nov 19, 2019
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It's been a minute since our last blog post but we're back...and we hope you think better than ever before. Like not just the blog post but all the new things we have going on for YOU. We have had so many new things happening and we love keeping you well informed and updated. If you have missed the event we're about to tell you all about, as well as our amazing Black friYAY AND Cybermonday events, we're so sorry and wish you were here but please don't miss out on our upcoming Excentric on Point 2nd bithday All about YOU event. It will be the final client appreciation event for the year.

So we've relocated our Excentric on Regent salon(the first Cape Town salon) to Excentric on Kloof, 39 Kloof Street Gardens. We really hope that out of all, we really mean all(there was many) the communication we have sent out that you have atleast received and read one of them and are well aware of our move. If not, now you really know, find us at 39 Kloof Street, Gardens. We can't wait to see you.

We are nicely settled into the new space. If you haven't visited us yet...YOU ARE MISSING OUT. Perks of the new space includes a brand new space designed with YOU in mind the entire time. We wanted to create a beautiful forever home you could come to and feel warmly welcomed and receive an excellent Hair Spa Excentric Experience. The Hair Spa is definitely getting all the compliments, ooh's and aah's. It is completely separated from the rest of the busier areas of the salon and setup complete with massage chairs for your enjoyment while you have your already heavenly hair and scalp massage. Everyone so far has been telling us of how this area is just doing the most. Another perk is that we have complimentary parking, an extremely rare added benefit for central Cape Town if you ask us. If you ever had to drive to town and ended up leaving your car at home and "ubering" instead you will know exactly what we mean. This coupled with our always awesome Excentric Experience you have come to know and love.

Sneak peaks in tow.

This is where you will park
See this gate here, that is where you will park
This is us.
This is us.
You will be warmly awaited here, by a beautiful warm smile
You will be warmly awaited here, by a beautiful warm smile
Served with your beverage of choice, yes wine is still an option
Served with your beverage of choice, and yes wine is still an option :),don't miss champagne Saturdays, another new addition.
Hair Spa
Hair Spa - This picture does not do it any justice.
Anca Popa
How beautiful is this piece of art? by Anca Popa

Ok how's that for a few sneak peaks? Come visit and let us know what you think and how much you love it.

So onto the event we go. All of our clients were so lucky to receive our newly launched service, the System Professional Hair Microscope Diagnosis that allows unsurpassed diagnosis of the hair and scalp. This camera allows up to 1000x magnification with 3 lenses to assess different areas of your hair and scalp. With this diagnosis we are able to look at your hair loss, scalp, keratin, hair thickness, cuticle and hair pore thickness. What is amazing is that we can really look deep down into your concerns.

System professional camera.PNG

                                                                                                         What we mean when we say in depth diagnosis.

sp 2.PNG

It is quite interesting to really know what is happening on your hair and scalp. Please feel free to request this service at your next visit. 

In addition, an accompanying personalized complimentary treatment based on the concern was received by each and everyone as we had our amazing brand partners Wella and Kerastase with us over both days.

System professional.jpg
Fusio dose 3.jpg

Mimosas and champagne was flowing and we had some lovely sweet treats from Aspiring bakes by Zakiyyah on the day and all our clients were pampered like the LOYALROYALS(Find out how you too can become a LOYALROYAL) they are. Yes, this and our Excentric Exclusive Lifetime Memberships were all new launches too. We're excited with so many exciting new things on the horizon.


We hope to see you soon. Try us out by visiting one of our salons or visit our Excentric on Point salon for their 2nd birthday celebration on the 13th of Dec. Don't forget to join our Free LOYALROYAL GRATITUDE CLUB to stay updated with all upcoming events happening in the new year too. 

Excentric on Kloof 

39 Kloof Street, Gardens 

Excentric on Point

73 Regent Road Sea Point

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